What Brands of Designer Clothing Can I Rent?

Keeping up with the ever-changing designer trends can be challenging, especially when on a tight budget. Six months ago, you were determined to save up enough to buy a Zimmermann dress, and then you scan your Instagram this morning and chance upon a newer style that you like more. What do you do? Instead of getting frustrated with the fact…

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How to Protect Your Rental Clothing from Damage?

Renting a luxury clothing or a designer clothing is a great option to be able to wear the latest designs whenever you want and you can flaunt an ultra, high-end designer clothing at a fraction of the price. If you are keeping your clothing collection pristine and damage-free, you should treat rental clothing much the same, or in some cases,…

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Why is Renting Clothing better than Buying Them?

If you want to experience a millionaire’s lifestyle on a low budget, you should consider renting clothing from Labelled Designer Hire. Yes, you can definitely rent a limited-edition designer piece for a small fraction of its extravagant retail price from our exquisite collection. There are many reasons why you should prefer renting clothing rather than buying them. Women’s obsession with…

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